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"Pretty intense but very informative. I felt very anxious before the class, but after the first day, I felt very confident the actual test was easy after taking the classes."

All American Asphalt

Don Stratton

"You guys did a great job of pounding info into my head. (In a comfortable way.)"

Anderson Pacific

Kent Edwards

"As well as the coverage of the test material, the focus on the load charts helped me understand them in depth. I learned many items that are important to safe crane operation awareness."

Wes Wallace

"Whether your a seasoned veteran or being introduced to the fundamentals of crane operating for the first time you will leave with a much better perspective on the role of crane operators and the contributions we make to keep personnel on the job safe. Your curriculum was organized and very easy to absorb. Combine that with a practical exam and three days of your time and you have all you need to remain Cal-Os ha certified in a jiff! Thanks John."

Syblon Rein

Duane Craft

"The class I took here at Calif. Crane with John & crew was well worth taking and I felt I learned more here then I could have else where. And was not only learning, it was fun and comftortable. Thanks."