Get Crane Certificate the first time

around $1795

Swing and fixed cab telescopic

boom crane certificate


  • All inclusive small (fixed cab) large (swing cab) and telescopic boom crane, complete package
  • Package includes the 2 day 16 hour guaranteed crane operator certification written exam preparation class, 2 practical tests, & all crane operator certification testing fees. $1,795.00
  • Package includes everything you need to become a certified crane operator through The National Commission For The Certification Of Crane Operators (certification covers all telescopic boom cranes)
  • Recertification (Candidates With 1000 hours of crane related experience in their 5 year certification period ):
  • Swing and fixed cab telescopic boom crane telescopic boom crane written exam preparation class & written exams $995.00 .
  • Course includes 2 day 16 hour guaranteed crane operator re-certification written preparation course plus all handouts & written exam admission.
  • (class and written test(s) only, no practical exams included).
  • Re training crane class is free for California Crane School students needing to retest(testing fees not included, up to one year from original training date)
  • Practical exams are conducted on the following cranes.
  • Fixed cab: Manitex 956 (boom truck)
  • Swing cab: Link belt HSP 8018 (rough terrain crane)
  • Fixed cab: Simon Ro 2863 (boom Truck).
  • Swing Cab: Grove RT 422 (rough terrain crane)
  • Fixed Cab Telescopic Boom Crane
  • Practical Test $375.00 (IAI test fees included)
  • Fixed cab certification covers the following types of cranes
  • SWING Cab Telescopic Boom Crane
  • Practical Test $375.00 (IAI test fees included)
  • Fixed cab certification covers the following
    types of cranes
  • Extra practice time on crane is available at a rate of $100.00 per hour (1 hour minimum)
  • For the students needing extra practice time operating a crane. California Crane School can help. Our instructors have prepared thousands of candidates to pass the practical exams. Most in less than a
    couple of hours. During your training session you will also receive many pointers and tips to help you
    pass the test . )
  • (Each practical exam includes a 20 minute familiarization period).
  • Crane Training Schedule
  • (All testing fees are included in the California Crane School Packages).
  • International Assessment Institute (IAI) is the testing company which administers and scores the crane operator certification written tests and scores the practical (hands on) tests. If you have any questions regarding test results call IAI at(727) 449-8525

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    Barry Knapp

    "Pretty intense but very informative. I felt very anxious before the class, but after the first day, I felt very confident the actual test was easy after taking the classes."

    Builders Choice, Inc.

    Abel Alvarez

    "Lo que esta mas amenas pero se aprende bastante como pava podey pasar lo stases te allude con lo que tu le preguntes esta muy bien."

    Kathi Dixon

    Kathi Dixon

    "Our goal was to certify 8 operators in 4 month and with John's help they passed with flying colors! 7 operators are bi-lingual and they scored high, thanks to California Crane School. You get what you need to pass these exams!"

    Martin Alvarez

    Martin Alvarez

    "La clase me parecio bien el maestro buna persona x explica bien"

    Syblon Rein

    Duane Craft

    "The class I took here at Calif. Crane with John & crew was well worth taking and I felt I learned more here then I could have else where. And was not only learning, it was fun and comftortable. Thanks."

    Simpon Timber Co.

    James Russell

    "This class was very strong on education. I would highly recommend this class."

    Raffi's Welding

    Raffi Hagopian

    "The class was the best class I ever been to. Much better then the different classes I have attended all over the world."