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Top Ten Reasons

CCS Top Ten Reasons


California Crane School Guarantees you will pass your crane operator certification written tests or any class with us is free until you pass. Here is the reality: Many crane training schools advertise high pass rates, great instructors or some sort of guarantee but here is how to weed out the pretenders from the performers. Our first time pass rates consistently exceed 90% so clearly not everyone makes it the first time. However, if you don't make it the first time we will train you for free at any of our upcoming open enrollment classes until you are successful. (for up to one year from original training session) With a guarantee like that you can count on us to stand behind our work.


California Crane School understands how important your time and loss of production is when an operator is stuck at a crane school instead of working. This is why we invented the 3 day crane operator certification program. This system has proven itself to be the most efficient model to achieve the crane operator certification. We always promote further crane safety training However, if a crane operator certification program is shorter, its not enough and pass rates go down. If the crane course is longer certification pass rates also go down because the school is probably giving you too much fluff.


After conducting hundreds of classes to thousands of students from all 50 states we have learned a thing or two about getting that crane operator certification card in your pocket. Since 2004 our crane training classes have been scheduled consistently every month in both Northern and Southern California. This way you will have the piece of mind that we will be there when you need us. If a crane training school does not have regularly scheduled open enrollment crane training courses for students to get retrained you might be waiting for a long time before you get certified.


Whether you are lineman operating a digger derrick, a plumber operating a boom truck from time to time or full time crane operator. California Crane School has trained thousands of both experienced and non experienced candidates from the construction and general industry to become certified crane operators. Private classes for groups of 8 or more are also available at your site or ours. Customized to your particular needs.

5Crane Operator Certification Training

This is all we do at California Crane School. We have cranes located at each facility that are specially selected to help you pass the tests and get certified. Since the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators requires operators to test on a crane with 70%-75% of the boom length of the crane. We only use cranes with boom lengths of less then 70' to give you every possible advantage. And since our training team conducts multiple classes around the country every month you can be sure we keep up to date with what you will need to know for the ever changing written exams.


Since we conduct several classes per month this allows us to constantly improve and update our training materials and keep up with what the latest subject matter the certification companies are testing for. The Result: The highest consistent first time pass rates in the country.

7Straight forward pricing

Many crane schools advertise very attractive rates but fail to include the testing fees paid to the testing company. For the large and small telescopic boom cranes the written and practical testing fees equal $245.00. not including any late or incomplete fees. Our prices always include all testing fees so there are "No Hidden Costs".


From utility companies such as, PG&E, Southern California Edison, and SMUD to government entities such as The Army Core of Engineers, Dept of Water Resources, and California Highway Patrol. Along with hundreds of cities, counties, and numerous other organizations. California has trained and continues to train some of the biggest names in the industry.


One other unmentioned guarantee is you will not fall asleep in our intense class. You will not see some old crane operator read you some boring regulations and tell you a story about how big the crane was that he used to operate, ex wives and war stories. We get to the point keep you on your toes and get the information in your head.


From application to certification California Crane School is behind you until you get that crane certification card in your pocket.


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Bill Misloski

"Good fast paced learning". Not boring/ best part. Made class feel at "ease" to ask for help. Thanks."

Carey Norton

Carey Norton

"I found the class very informative and enjoyable. Presented in a professional manor. I would highly recommend anyone to attend this school."

Kodiak Roofing

John Buys

"After taking the crane course from Calif. Crane School I felt very prepared as I took the tests, the answers were easy to identify and made the test seem like a walk in the park."